Groovy & Grails online training


By the end of the training, you should:
  • Have an understanding of the Groovy programming language and the associated Grails framework
  • Have a sound knowledge of all the core concepts from the Web to the persistence layer


    Exposure to any programming language(optional)



  • Introduction
  • Installation/Configuration
  • Groovy classes
  • Objects and methods
  • Constructors
  • Optional parameters in methods
  • Default parameters in methods
  • Groovy data types
  • Optional typed variables
  • Numbers
  • Ranges
  • Operator overloading
  • Strings in Groovy
  • Strings and GStrings


  • Defining and accessing lists
  • List methods
  • Operator overloading in Lists
  • Spread-dot operator
  • Searching in a list with find, findall and grp


  • Map declaration and access
  • Each, any and the every method
  • Searching in a map
  • Getting and adding defaults values via the get method
  • Named arguments for method invocation
  • Convert a list to a map

    Control structures

  • if statements
  • switch statement


  • For and while loops
  • Using the each method
  • Iterative with numbers


  • What are closures?
  • Defining default values in a closure
  • Writing Custom closures.
  • Using the with method
  • Groovy builders
  • Producing XML or HTML using builders.
  • Parsing XML with XmlSlurper
  • Using the MarkupTemplateEngine to generated Markup
  • Creating Markup (XML) files with the MarkupBuilder
  • Working with Database(MySQL)


  • Understanding MVC Pattern
  • Controllers
  • Services
  • Views
  • Integration of mySQL using dataSource
  • Working with GORM (Grails Object Relational Mapping)
  • Creating Grails Server Pages
  • Working with layouts
  • Interceptors
  • Security Filters