Web Services online training


In this course, you will learn about SOA architecture,developing SOAP & REST based services. You also will learn how to interact with web services from web applications.


Basic knowledge of Java and little knowledge on XML(this is optional).


Overview of Web Services

  • Introduction
  • SOA-Service Oriented Architecture
  • Introduction to XML
  • SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol
  • WSDL - Web Service Description Language
  • UDDI - Universal Description, Discovery and Integration


  • Creation of web services from Java classes(Bottom-up approach)
  • Creation of web services from WSDL(Top-down approach)
  • Publishing web services
  • Deploying web services on Server
  • Consuming web services(Writing client programs)
  • Web service Security(BASIC) configuration on Tomcat
  • Consuming web services using Basic Authentication
  • Exception Handling (SOAPFaultException,SOAPException)
  • Designing custom Exceptions
  • Implementing Handlers(Logical,SOAP),HandlerChains
  • Working with Attachments(using SAAJ/MTOM)
  • Understanding RPC and Document Styles
  • Testing web services with Eclipse soapUI Tool

    JAX-RS for RESTful Services

  • Creation of Rest Services
  • The @Path Annotation
  • @PathParam,@QueryParam,@FormParam
  • @Consumes and @Produces Annotations
  • Producing JSON,XML and HTML output
  • Testing RESTful services with Eclipse RestClient Tool

    Client-Side Development

  • Generating Stubs and Proxies
  • Generated Code
  • Locating a Service
  • Invoking a Service
  • The @WebServiceRef Annotation